Town Hall Meetings

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A town hall meeting is a public function or meeting usually done in an informal manner. It is usually open to anybody in the community or company and typically held in municipal buildings. Participants generally voice out their feedback, opinions and ask the town’s public figures like politicians. There are no specific guidelines for facilitating town hall meetings; however recently, most town hall meetings by politicians enforce crowd behavior rules and the scope of queries that could be asked.


Usually when the turnout of attendees becomes large they’ll be broken down into small groups. Every small group has a person appointed for summarizing the discussions. Many business firms also have the same kind of meetings. A town hall meeting is a venue for conversations not a one way presentation. Facilitators should have a meaningful interaction with the attendees so they get the opportunity to ask many questions, even challenging ones.

PowerCom offers the town hall meeting solution. With our audience response systems, your meeting can be done in an open forum approach. Your attendees can use our powerful keypads to respond to a polling question or key in a free form feedback and opinion using keypads with the SMS feature. Even audience members who want to remain anonymous may still voice out what they think. You get a comprehensive insight from all the audience members instead of just getting feedback from a few opinionated attendees who continuously raise their hands. With our audience response systems you can further the discussions by having a question and answer portion. There will be no need to break down a large group into smaller groups because with PowerCom’s audience response systems questionnaires can be posted on the monitor and audience members respond by choosing an answer using the keypads. Our FHSS RF technology guarantees that no vote will be lost, and results will be displayed in a matter of seconds.

After the event, you will be able to generate the reports with the information that have been gathered for review and analysis. These reports will let you get concrete opinions and ideas to help your town create new ways to help improve the community.


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