Shareholders Meeting

Paperless, Interactive passing of motions & resolutions,speedy accurate results

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Having a shareholder’s meeting with pen and paper can be full of hassle. It can be time consuming, and makes the people involved less efficient. The whole event may become less dynamic and interactive. The results may also come in a matter of hours if not days.


PowerCom can help you create the questions that need to be voted on based on your organization’s voting rules on the PowerPoint slides, for example the rule is that 50% is needed to pass a resolution or motion excluding the absentees. It determines that the majority is a need to win. We can also pre-configure each shareholder’s voting weight on the software’s roster list, and names can also be keyed in. Proxy voting is also possible with Powercom’s audience response system, another member can vote on behalf of the absentee. Typically, when an election starts, a resolution will be proposed by a shareholder, and then seconded by another member. Then after the discussion of the resolution, the chairman, can easily instruct everyone to put the resolution to a vote. PowerCom displays the resolution summary slide during discussion. It also displays the timer count down. We can even customize the voting status by a specially designed seating map, which also helps track the votes. A roll call feature can be configured to display the keypads present to vote. Multi-round voting is also another significant Powercom feature, after the first round of election, the other candidates with the lowest percentage of votes can be eliminated by clicking the shortcut key “E,” then you can move on with the next round of elections with just 3 candidates remaining out of 10.

At the end of the voting, PowerCom displays the voting results. It will indicate if a resolution or motion has passed or failed. This is also the same when voting for a new chairman of the board, you will see if a candidate has gathered majority of the votes. The votes can be reviewed, and everyone can see how many members voted for yes, how many members voted for no, and how many abstained. Then there is continuity with the system, you can move on to the next resolution or motion that needs to be voted on.


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