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PowerCom self-paced polling is a powerful and effective tool in workshops, seminars and classrooms. There are specific needs when it comes to self-paced polling that need to be met like high level of security and privacy, offline polling or polling even without connecting to the base station, automatic collation of answers or polls, and a branching logic for the questions.


PowerCom’s audience response systems let the lecturer or facilitator set up the time limit by using the timer for the polls or tests, and adds branching logic for the questions. The PowerCom keypads can transmit the answers or votes to the base station for the live polling results, thereby creating an interactive atmosphere among the participants to voice out their answers or votes. In the classroom setting PowerCom can greatly help teachers when they want to test the students and gauge how much they have learned through an offline self-paced test. PowerCom self-paced polling solution offers a secure configuration giving you the utmost privacy. Our systems can be applied in business meetings and elections as well that need a great level of security. Another great feature is the branching logic. The next question a participant then answers is based or may depend on the previous answer. Results are instantly displayed and reports can be generated right after the event or polling.

Some of the uses of PowerCom’s self-paced polling solution are:

  • Events where you need to gather feedback and opinions
  • Conducting surveys
  • Testing the participants of a training, workshop or seminars
  • Business meetings
  • Classroom quizzes or exams


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