Remote Control Service


PowerCom offers the remote service program. It is a smart way that allows PowerCom to take control of the flow of your event but minus the presence of the on-site technician at the event itself. All you have to do is to designate one of your work staff who has the knowledge of managing the computer’s set up and the Internet. We will gladly train the designated person so they can run the event’s presentation on the actual day of the event.

This program works the same way as our full service program, and the only difference is that we work closely with you remotely or online. This lets you save on accommodations and travel expenses that would be required when requesting an on-site technician.


  • Rental of the complete audience response system equipment. We ship to you the following:
    • Base station
    • Voting wireless keypads as specified on the purchase order
  • PowerCom Audience Response software
  • Optional things: laptop installed with the software, A/B switch and USB extension.

How It Works:


  • You have to assign a personnel who shall be in charge of the set up of the computer or laptop that is has the PowerCom software. It should also be wired to the Internet. A professional PowerCom technician will then access the laptop or computer to help the staff take control of the event’s presentation.
  • When PowerCom gets access we will assist you in making or designing the question slides and inserting the pollers. If you have made them already, we can simply review or check the slides to ensure every thing works perfectly.
  • We will also do a remote rehearsal with your speaker or presenter hours before or the night before the main event.
  • The designated personnel will then have to coordinate with our PowerCom technician in setting up the laptop and checking the connection of the base station. Another staff or worker can distribute the voting keypads to all the participants of the event.

During the Event

  • A designated PowerCom technician should gain full control of the presentation online while the designated personnel will provide assistance. We will also ensure that the polling slides are being presented depending on the presenter’s lead remotely.
  • The PowerCom technician will also display the result graph and do a data or result analysis online.

After the event:

  • We will save the result data and convert it to your desired format, and generate reports for you.
  • Your designated workers can proceed on collecting and packing all the equipment and shipping it back to us.

The PowerCom remote self service program is one of our commitments in providing our valued customers a cost efficient and improved service.