PowerCom Solutions/Applications

Continuing Medical Education/Medical Symposium

With PowerCom’s ARS your CME speakers can present with interaction from the audience even if you have thousands of participants.

Advertising Testing

PowerCom has performed many advertising testings, and based on our experience, we have developed an efficient promotional development and strategies to monitor the advertisements’ efficiency.

Fundraising/Silent Auctions

PowerCom Fundraising solution is made to replace the manual way of facilitating fundraising procedures, mixed with a technology that maximizes fund collection and boosts participants’ excitement, and facilitate fundraising procedures faster.

Large Event

With our large event solution, you will be able to capture a hundred or thousands of votes in just a matter of seconds. Our patented FHSS system guarantee, that no vote will be lost even with thousands of audience members.

Self-Paced Polling

PowerCom self-paced polling solution offers a secure configuration giving you the utmost privacy. Another great feature is the branching logic. The next question a participant then answers is based or may depend on the previous answer.

Focused Group Discussions

PowerCom’s audience response system is highly beneficial when having focused group discussions. It lets participants join in on the meeting through a wireless voting system without requiring them to be known.

Business Meeting

Turn your business meetings in a boardroom from “bored room” to dynamic and interactive with PowerCom audience response systems. Generate opinion and feedback from every member.

Classroom for Interactive Learning

PowerCom can change traditional classrooms to a highly participated, fun and interactive class. With PowerCom’s classroom response systems students will absorb more information and at the same time comprehend it much better.

Interactive Game Shows

Powercom has revolutionized the famous Jeopardy and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire television game shows into PowerPoint-based interactive games.

Town Hall Meeting

With our audience response systems, your town hall meeting can be done in an open forum approach. Your attendees can use our powerful keypads to respond to a polling question or key in a free form feedback and opinion using keypads with the SMS feature.

Market Research/Product Launch

PowerCom offers the most effective audience response system for your market research. It is a tool that becomes effective in compiling and gathering valued feedback from your respondents or audience.

Multi-Site/Broadcast Meeting

PowerCom’s audience response systems using Multi site solution allow you to poll up to 500 keypads in 30 remote locations. The results gathered from the other locations will be directed to the central office, and displayed instantly.


PowerCom Audience response system or wireless voting system is an efficient tool when you want to save time, and achieve a paperless election. The voting question, resolutions and motions can be entered in the PowerPoint slides, giving the presenters or chairman of the board total control of the contents.

Annual General Meeting

PowerCom works with you and finds out your organization’s voting rules. You may set up a roster list with the names of each keypad holder. The software is configurable so results of the election can be displayed, if motions have either passed or failed. Multi-round voting is also another feature of this solution.

Mock Jury

PowerCom’s Mock Jury solution is a valuable tool in helping lawyers prepare their arguments more effectively and clearly. Our software is able to give you instant results and feedback from your test jury members.

SMS or Short Messaging Service

With the use of PowerCom’s PowerCom RF2 and Ativa keypads you can have the short messaging service feature. Your audience would be able to express their opinions or feedback to the speaker or presenter in a cellphone texting style which is familiar to most people.

Shareholders Meeting

We will help you based on your organization’s voting rules on the PowerPoint slides, for example the rule is that 50% is needed to pass a resolution or motion excluding the absentees. It determines that the majority is a need to win. We can also pre-configure each shareholder’s voting weight