PowerCom SMS or Short Messaging Service

Freedom with the familiar cellphone style texting, free form messaging interaction!

PowerCom RF2 PowerCom Reply Ativa


In your interactive event, do you want your participants to enjoy the freedom in having free form answers or feedback from your audience and poll them. You may be wondering if this feature can be found in an audience response system? Yes it is!


PowerCom SMS


PowerCom offers the SMS or Short Messaging Service solution. With the use of PowerCom’s PowerCom RF2 and Ativa keypads you can have the short messaging service feature. Your audience would be able to express their opinions or feedback to the speaker or presenter in a cellphone texting style which is familiar to most people. The messages are transmitted in a real time mode to the system.

Some of the best features are:


  • PowerCom RF2 and Ativa keypads can send multiple messages, each can contain up to one hundred forty characters.
  • Messages on RF2 and Ativa keypads can be transmitted to the presenter from the audience and vice versa.
  • The PowerCom RF2 enter number keys in which 3 letters are dedicated to each number for example number 2 is ABC.
  • The Ativa is much like the tablets and smartphones today with a QWERTY keyboard and touch screen display.

How it Works:

The presenter/moderator has total control on all the received messages:
    • Share one specific message to the audience or more.
    • Answer an individual message or all the messages
    • Broadcast a message to a group of audience response keypads or to everyone.
    • Disable one or more keypads from sending out SMS.
    • Use one particular message as a new question and ask the participants to answer.
    • Use three or more messages to make a new answer list and ask the participants to prioritize them or choose one they like the best. For example: The presenter asks the participants to send in their favorite stock, after getting their answers, the presenter sorts them out and ask them for their top 5 picks.


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