PowerCom RF2

  • PowerCom RF2 keypadA fourth generation USA made keypad with a patented FHSS RF technology that guarantee no data collision and maintain 200 votes per second speed signal with a coverage of up to 650  x 650 feet dimension
  • It has self-paced testing feature which does not require a smart card, and operates in 2 amazing choices:

    Online mode – enables users to send votes or messages to the base station, then it gets displayed on the screen

    Offline mode – enables saving the results on the RF2’s memory for usage at at later time or date

  • You can also use RF2, RF1 and PowerCom Mini together because they all have multi-digit capabilities
  • Can store 12 text messages on the memory of the keypad, and offer 250 single answer question choices.
  • Has an improved text messaging feature and an option to store 12 text messages.
  • It has a built-in memory. It lets storage of self-paced survey questions, results and text messages
  • Patented FHSS RF technology guarantees no data collision
  • Base station is HID Compliant, device gets recognized quickly
  • Superior base station that is HID compliant. No need to install USB driver
  • Made in USA

  • CME/Medical Symposium
  • Business meetings
  • Interactive game shows
  • Elections
  • Focus Group Discussions
  • Marketing Research/
  • Products Lauches
  • Multi-site and broadcast meetings
  • Mock Jury
  • Shareholders Meetings
  • Advertising Testing
  • Large Event Voting
  • Fundraising &
  • Silent Auctions
  • Corporate Town Halls
  • Self-Paced Testing

Model No. : WRS7200DSI
Weight : approximately 3.1 oz without batteries
Dimension : 5.25 x 2.2 x 1 inches
Color : 3 tone (off-white, light gray, slate)
Enclosure : compact and rugged ABS blend casing
Address Mode : static and dynamic mode
Base Station Model : WRS971-DSI, WRS970-DSI, WRS971-DSIH, WRS970-DSIH
Range : minimum of 300 x 300 feet, maximum of 650 x 650 feet (depends on base station model)
Power : 2 alkaline AA batteries