PowerCom RF1

  • PowerCom RF1 keypadCompact and lightweight keypad
  • ARS keypad that has 14 elastomeric buttons which let users enter multiple choice and multi-digit string responses
  • Patented FHSS RF technology guarantees no data collision
  • Quick transmission of up to 200 votes per second
  • Does not require Trainer device to configure the keypad’s unique ID
  • Goes into sleep mode after few seconds of inactivity
  • Base station is HID Compliant, device gets recognized quickly
  • Easy confirmation of votes. It has green and red LED lights that get displayed to confirm keypad inputs
  • Available in 32 & 64 bit both for Office 2007, 2010 and 2013
  • Can be used for multi-site meetings
  • Can be combined to use with PowerCom Mini and RF2 keypads
  • Superior base station that covers a maximum area of 650 x 650 feet dimensions
  • Capable to hold maximum of 500 keypads per base
  • Question types: single Choice 2 to 10 answer choice, multi-digit selection up to 30 answer choice, choose more than 1 answer choice from up to 30 answer choice, priority and range
  • Raised hand function for alerting presenters when audiences have a question
  • Made in USA

  • CME/Medical Symposium
  • Business meetings
  • Interactive game shows
  • Elections
  • Focus Group Dsicussions
  • Product Launch/Marketing Research
  • Large Event Voting
  • Fundraising & Silent Auctions
  • Multi-site and broadcast meetings
  • Classroom or training sessions to interact with students
  • Corporate Townhalls
  • Multi-site and Broadcast Meetings

Model No. : WRS7000DSI
Weight : Less than an ounce with battery installed
Dimension : 90.69 x 39.12 x 10.48 mm
Color : Black
Enclosure : Compact case. Rugged ABS plastic construction
Address Mode : Static mode only
Base Station Model : WRS971-DSI, WRS970-DSI, WRS971-DSIH,
Range : Minimum of 300 x 300 feet, maximum of
650 x 650 feet (depends on base station
Power : One coin cell battery