Reply Ativa

  • Reply Ativa KeypadHas a wide variety of input choices like multi character, qwerty and SMS texting capabilities and multi-digit.
  • It is a full color 3.2 inch QVGA backlighted LCD touch screen PDA with a slider keypad made in USA
  • Patented FHSS RF technology guarantees no data collision and maintains 200 votes per second
  • Battery life is 16 hours of typical usage. You can always recharge it using a USB cable.
  • Full texting capabilities with QWERTY keyboard
  • Self-paced testing sends testing result to base in real time mode and off-line self-paced testing stores results on chip card.
  • Built-in smart card reader which has a secured log-in for users and an option to protect it by using passwords
  • Advanced Response Inputs: Multi-Digit, Multiple Selection, Multi-Character,
  • Texting (140 character short messaging), priority, slider Moment-to-Moment (configurable scales).
  • Voting data gets stored on the chip card and the log is audited.
  • It also allows proxy voting
  • Made in USA
  • Displays up to 6 customizable splash screens and display poll results instantly after each question!
  • Superior base station that covers maximum area of 650 x 650 feet dimension
  • Base station has POE Ethernet port that allows thirty remote site voting

  • CME/Medical Symposium
  • Business meetings
  • Interactive Game Shows
  • Focused Group Discussions
  • Self-paced polling
  • Market Research/
  • Product launch
  • Mock jury
  • Elections
  • Shareholders meeting
  • Advertising Testing
  • Large event voting
  • Fundraising and silent auctions
  • Corporate town hall
  • Classroom to interact with students
  • Multi-site and broadcast meetings

Model No. : WRS8200
Weight : Approximately 0.5 oz with installed battery
Dimension : 2.83 x 4.33  x 1 inches
Color : Glossy black top, black textured bottom
Enclosure : High-impact plastic, sleek compact design
Address Mode : Dynamic mode only
Base Station Model : WRS971-A, WRS970-A
Range : minimum of 300 x 300 feet, maximum of 650 x 650 feet (depends on base model)
Power : 1300mAh lithium polymer battery (rechargeable)