Multi-Site and Broadcast Meetings

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How do you conduct an interactive meeting if some of your participants are located in remote sites? Can you still use audience response systems if some participants are currently in different locations?


Yes, PowerCom offers the multi-site and broadcast meetings solution perfect for multi –site company meetings like business meetings, trainings, and shareholders meetings. You can communicate clearly with each other even if your other participants are miles apart. Some of the benefits are:

  • Cost and time efficient – No need for travel and hotel expenses
  • Reliable and Stable communication – the patented FHSS RF technology guaranteed that even if miles apart, you will never lose a vote
  • Easy & quick set up – Setting up is easy just assign an IP to the big base station, and the remote site just needs to connect their base station to the Internet. Then the central office can find their base station.
  • Automated polling and quick results

The central or main location serves as the main base station and the other participants in other branches can participate as if they are face to face with each other through video conferencing or web cast. PowerCom’s audience response systems using Multi site solution allow you to poll up to 500 keypads in 30 remote locations. The results gathered from the other locations will be directed to the central office, and displayed instantly. Reports will then be generated after the event for later analysis.


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