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Win your legal case with quick results based on juror’s moment to moment actions in real time with video and line charts

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PowerCom Mock Jury

A traditional Mock Jury is used to run a practice trial where you prepare for the real trial. It is typically done using pen and paper where all the feedback from the “test jury” is manually collected and checked one at a time. Lawyers and companies invest a lot of time and effort to help them prepare for the real upcoming court date.


PowerCom offers a very sophisticated Mock Jury solution. PowerCom’s Mock Jury solution is a valuable tool in helping lawyers prepare their arguments more effectively and clearly. Our software is able to give you instant results and feedback from your test jury members. This allows you to immediately see where your arguments are the strongest and where you need to bemore effective. PowerCom Mock Jury has specialized features that are not only designed to be effective, but also save you time and effortinyour Mock Jury sessions. Where you can easily spend hours and days just reviewing the results – with PowerCom Mock Jury solution you are instantly able to see your results and improve your arguments.

Specific benefits using PowerCom Mock Jury solution:

> Allows you to collect answers for questionnaires

1. Administrators can create multiple question sessions
2. Full control over the question session where you are able to move, copy, paste, edit, modify, and hide the contents
3. Questions are displayed on the projector screen and to the wireless voting devices given to the jurors.
4. Voting results can be hidden from the jurors and dis played to the backroom lawyers only.
5. Use the verdict questions in a line chart allowing for the basis for defense and plaintiffs. (need to be more clear on what this feature is)

> Use line charts in Moment-to-Moment feature to check audience feedback from the entire session

1. Response line color and thickness can be con figuered easily
2. Time scale can be changed by seconds to your liking
3. Control over which keypads or jurors respond
4. Easily input data using the slider on keypad
5. Remove inactive keypads from your results and calculations to get true feedback data

> Browse results via local intranet

1. Web based application allows users to browse the question using Wi-Fi or LAN
2. View keypad lists from answer choices

> Show juror moment-to-moment actions with video in real time

1. Show line charts based on conditions that you determine.
2. Display keypad activities using juror photographs.
3. Display list of keypads from scales

> Display juror split groups for further discussion

1. Automatically split the jury members into split groups based on your criteria
2. See how members of split groups change over time


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