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Are you still using the traditional paper ballot for your general eletions, annual general meetings or business meetings? Using paper ballot can be time consuming. It could be a matter of hours, if not days before the results can be counted in. It is also not real time, and generating reports don’t happen in a matter of minutes. Even achieving a quorum can reach several hours. You may also need a high level of security and private election.

What is the best solution to these needs?


Having PowerCom’s audience response system on your next election is the best voting tool to solve all these problems. Audience response system or wireless voting system is an efficient tool when you want to save time, and achieve a paperless election. The voting question, resolutions and motions can be entered in the PowerPoint slides, giving the presenters or chairman of the board total control of the contents. The members vote by clicking on their keypads. Then the votes will then be instantly recorded and gathered by the electronic voting system. It can then be displayed right after the election for everyone to see. It will also be generated as reports for future review and analysis.

Benefits of the Powercom Election:

  • Paperless, automated voting and counting!
  • results with accuracy and polling is done real time
  • electronic voters’ registration with voters tracking.
  • Real-time graphs, texts and charts for presentations
  • Multi-round voting gives continuity
  • Pre-configure each member’s voting weight
  • Ability to have a proxy vote
  • Swift roll call/ attendance
  • Accurate reports to document the election
  • electronic quorum
  • real time and quick consensus


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