Focus Group Discussions

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A focus group is a kind of qualitative research in which a number of people or participants are asked questions about their beliefs, perceptions and opinions regarding a specific service or product. This is usually used for advertisements, new business ideas and packaging.

Focused group discussions allow active participation of everyone in the group, which may be difficult if there are many participants, all wanting to speak at the same time. Others may feel shy and just keep silent all throughout the discussion for lack of confidence.


PowerCom’s audience response system is highly beneficial when having focused group discussions. It lets participants join in on the meeting through a wireless voting system without requiring them to be known. They may choose to remain anonymous the whole time without being vocal about their thoughts or opinions. PowerCom audience response systems also let participants see their polls or answers in real time and in just a matter of seconds. The facilitator can ask questions and gather polls, feedback or answers in a graph type or format, which may be displayed in an instant and discussed by everyone openly. After everything has been discussed, you may compare all the answers using the slide comparison function and get more insight. PowerCom can help you do the following:


  • Identifying the latest opinions about specific services or products
  • Identifying trustworthy political figures
  • Discovering images that are more appealing to the senses
  • Determining commercials that are retentive to the audience
  • Gathering user feedback or opinions about services and products
  • Determining call to actions that are effective with consumers.


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