Annual General Meeting

Paperless, fast paced resolutions and Action plans in an Interactive real time mode!

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In an annual general meeting resolutions and action plans need to be made, and having the traditional pen and paper election may slow down the procedures and results do not come instantly. The collection and analysis of the results usually come hours after the event.


Innovate your next annual general meeting with a paperless wireless voting system incorporated with the PowerCom annual general meeting application. PowerCom helps you create the questions that need to be voted on based on your organization’s voting rules on the PowerPoint slides. You may set up a roster list with the names of each keypad holder, but for numerous participants, counters can be set up and our internal back server can take all the information and combine it all. We can also configure the software, so results of the election can be displayed, if motions have either passed or failed. A roll call feature can also be included wherein you can track the keypads which have not voted. We can also customize a unique seating map feature to track the votes. Multi-round voting is also another feature of this solution, members can vote and eliminate those who are not part of the top list of candidates for the next rounds.

When the election for a motion starts, the presenter can instruct everyone to vote after the discussion, and using their keypads, each member can key in their vote. The moderator can easily press “K” to show on the PowerPoint slide the record of who have already voted. The keypads also have a texting feature that can be used on issues that need action plans or resolutions. The members can text in possible solutions candidly and still remain anonymous. After the graphic results have been displayed, the software can also show how many people voted yes/no/abstain, for everybody’s knowledge. After the motions and action plans have been made, results are tabulated, collected and saved for later review.


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