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Market research is one of the main considerations companies get an edge over their competitors. It can provide the companies with pertinent information like identifying and analyzing the needs of the market, size and the competitors. The main question is how can the market research be more effective? What can audience response systems do to improve your market research?


PowerCom offers the most effective audience response system for your market research. It is a tool that becomes effective in compiling and gathering valued feedback from your respondents or audience.

You can choose from a practical system that lets you have 30 answer choices to a more sophisticated system that offers a line chart for a moment to moment response to images and sounds that your audience hear and see.You can also have your audience text in their emotions or feedback in words. All of these gets polled or tallied in an instant, and you automatically see the results in a matter of seconds. Identifying new trends like those from the consumers have never been easier, and reports can be generated right after the event for your analysis and review, giving you the clear picture and insight.

Benefits you may get from using PowerCom’s Market Research solution:

  • Gathering feedback with accuracy
  • Identifying how consumers apply or use specific products
  • Identifying objectives of the consumers
  • Knowing the valuable opinions of consumers about your service or product
  • Pre-testing the effectiveness of your company’s marketing promotions and getting real-time responses.
  • Gather pre-launching feedback regarding your newly developed services or products.


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