Large Event Voting

Interacting, learning and quick polling with thousands of participants and more!

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How do you get accurate votes or feedback in an event like corporate staff meeting, CME, Medical symposium and annual shareholders meeting where you have an audience of hundreds or even thousands of participants? You would surely encounter many challenges, and one of them is how to make the event interactive. The presenter needs to be able to interact with numerous participants, making it seem impossible.


This is where PowerCom’s audience response systems best help. With our large event solution, you will be able to capture a hundred or thousands of votes in just a matter of seconds. A day full of presentations can get boring for some people, and interacting with them using audience response systems will not only make them livelier but help your company gain insight to what they have actually learned, think and feel. Our patented FHSS system guarantee, that no vote will be lost even with thousands of audience members. We also offer an environment friendly approach by eliminating the use of paper. Results are counted in just a matter of seconds, so it is automated and fast. It eliminates the hassle of polling and counting votes for hours. Comparing data is also simple with our compare slides feature and generation of reports can be done instantly after the event for your analysis and review.


The PowerCom software we use is our very own Specialty software designed for large event voting. It is not a PowerPoint add-in application and is maintained by our development team. We can also give you the option to customize special requirements to suit your event’s specifications. PowerCom Specialty software is compatible with Windows 7 32 and 64 bit. It has a friendly and stable user interface. It also has a reliable speed, and a backup system that can quickly recover from any failure.


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