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Do you wonder about the dynamic and interactive atmosphere brought about by using audience response systems on your trainings, seminars, classes and corporate meetings? What if you could integrate games on your next presentation? Would this make the participants absorb more on what you are trying to impart as a presenter? Would this bring in more excitement and fun while participants are learning at the same time?


Achieve more than your expectations! PowerCom introduces PowerCom Interactive Game Show. This would surely make your audience livelier and double the interaction between the presenters and the audience.

Powercom has revolutionized the famous Jeopardy and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire television game shows into PowerPoint-based interactive games. It is combined with PowerCom’s audience response keypad and PowerCom software. We made a PowerPoint-game template which users can easily change to enter questions and give points for each correct answer. Fastest finger winners and team winners are identifiable in just a matter of seconds. In the end, the audience gets to retain their focus on your presentations. They participate and learn which is of more importance than having fun. Reports are generated after the event for review and analysis afterwards.

Some of the benefits you achieve when you use PowerCom’s Interactive Game Show solution are:

  • Promotion of skills in team building among the participants.
  • Developing an enhanced skill in solving problems and make absorption of new information quicker and easier.


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