Fundraising and Silent Auction

Interactive, philanthropic fast paced fundraising procedures done real time!

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Fundraising events and silent auctions typically run for hours and collecting the results may not be done in real time. It could be a matter of hours before the winners can be revealed. Some people also find it dull as there is little interaction with the facilitator and the guests.


PowerCom offers the Fundraising and Silent Auction. It is a solution made to replace the manual way of facilitating fundraising procedures. It is the new and refreshing way to do the traditional auction but mixed with a technology that maximizes fund collection and boosts participants’ excitement because silent auctions shouldn’t mean zero hype and less competitive atmosphere. The numerous benefits are the ff.:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fast paced fundraising procedures
  • Integration of multimedia or photo is possible to maximize fund collection
  • Increase the excitement & competition in the room as the highest bid gets updated real time on the monitor for display
  • Easier organization and tracking of items up for auction on your masterlist
  • Do away with the tedious process of bid sheets sorting and organization
  • Smartcards replace the bid sheets and can store the item information

Powercom works together with the auction servicing partners from the very beginning, and they can discuss further the fundraising event you’ll be having. We on the other hand can customize the software to possibly meet the demands of your fundraising event. You may have one keypad per participant or just a ratio of keypads based on the number of guests for example 1 PowerCom RF2 or Ativa keypad for 10 participants.

Each guest at the fundraising event will get a personalized smartcard upon registration, which they’ll be able to use when they bid on the items displayed. They can also use this to pledge money. Guests will be able to check the highest bid on their keypads or on the monitor displayed in a real time fashion. Confirmation of bids will also be displayed instantly on each keypad screen.

At the end of your event, the software can swiftly generate the report you need and automatically list down the auctioned items according to the guests who have won them. This is the biggest benefit because it is accurate and removes the manual job of sorting through bid sheets. The facilitator can easily call the winners one by one to claim their items without queuing up for a long time.


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