Continuing Medical Education or CME/Medical Symposium

Poll answers for a large audience while learning in a fast paced interaction

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A Continuing Medical Education or CME is typically a large event with hundred or even thousands of participants. The presentations are also fast paced. Gathering data or inputs from your audience could be difficult, and long presentations tend to become uninteresting for many participants throughout the day. Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Do you want audience participation?
  • Do you want audience to give their feedback?
  • Do you want to determine how much your audience has learned so far?
  • Do you want to collect data gathered throughout the presentations for analysis later on


PowerCom offers the latest audience response systems that could satisfy these needs. We work together with you to provide you with the right system that would fit your CME/Medical Symposium requirements. With PowerCom’s ARS your CME speakers can present with interaction from the audience even if you have hundreds of participants. Their feedback or answers are polled automatically in real time mode, and displayed instantly! You can then turn their answers into another topic for discussion, thereby increasing interactivity! Audience participants can still remain anonymous even if their answers have been displayed. At the beginning of your CME you may present your objectives, and at the end of the event compare the results, and analyze if they were met. Reports can also be generated instantly after the event for your review.


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