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Highly participated, dynamic and interactive classrooms for improved student retention!

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Teachers would always strive to increase the comprehension of the students because they want their students to retain more information. How do you do this when students tend to get bored in listening to long class
lectures? How can you measure how much they have learned? Ultimately how can you make classes


PowerCom can change traditional classrooms to a highly participated, fun and interactive class. With PowerCom’s classroom response systems students will absorb more information and at the same time
comprehend it much better. Based on our experience classes where students used classroom response
systems often scored better in student evaluations. You can apply our student response systems for classes from K to 12 and higher education.

With PowerCom’s interactive learning systems teachers or lecturers may create interactive games to make the learning enjoyable. You will be able to focus on specific topics you want to highlight. Grading exams or quizzes become an easy and quick process with PowerCom. After your class you will be able to generate reports

Some of the uses of PowerCom’s student response systems are:

  • Creating mock exams
  • Introducing real world scenarios and asking for feedback
  • Identifying areas which students have not fully grasped
  • Gauging the effectiveness of every method used in training
  • Determining topics that may require more learning time
  • Adjusting training programs based on the class’ level of knowledge

Some of the best features of PowerCom’s classroom response systems:

  • Compare what students have learned using the slide comparison feature
  • Roll call feature with the option put names of students or use keypad ID
  • Use roster and team for interactive quizzes or exams
  • Absentee list feature shows which student has not answered yet
  • Optional use of text or SMS capable class response systems for free form answers.
  • Offline and online self paced testing


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