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Turn your business meetings in a boardroom from “bored room” to dynamic and interactive! A business meeting usually has several participants, and utilizing each participant’s input can be beneficial for your company. Gathering your audience’s feedback or answers can help you achieve objectives like:

  • Identifying competitive advantages
  • Formulating corporate strategies
  • Identifying key departmental challenges
  • Evaluating profit objectives
  • Prioritizing company resources
  • Assessing organizational problems


PowerCom offers the audience response systems that would meet your business meeting requirements. You can tell us your meeting objectives and we can help you in every step of the way. Your participants may also remain anonymous even when they give their answers or feedback.

You can poll automatically and display answers instantly in real time. After the end of the session, you may also generate reports for further analysis later on. With the results, you can easily develop corporate strategies, prioritize company goals, and identify challenges and concerns that need to be addressed.


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