Full Service Program

PowerCom offers the audience response program in full service that includes a comprehensive audience response system equipment and a professional on-site technician to help you each step of the way.

The Full Service Program includes the following:

  • Audience response system equipment:
    • Base station
    • Voting keypads (as specified in the purchase order)
  • PowerCom Audience Response Software
  • Professionally trained on-site technician
  • Accessories like AB switch and USB extension cable
  • Optional: laptop installed with the full version of the software

How it Works:

The professionally trained PowerCom technician does the following for you:


  • A thorough review of the presentation slides and provides guidance in the creation of the question slides. This may include inserting the pollers.
  • Ensures that the presentation is ready for a demonstration.
  • Rehearses with the presenters or presenter to make sure the event runs smoothly. This is ideally scheduled the night before or 3 hours before the scheduled event.
  • Checks the event room and coordinates with the assigned A/V personnel to setup the base stations, keypads and laptop or computer.

During the Event

  • Assists the speaker while presenting the slides.
  • Operates the polling slides based on the lead of the presenter or speaker.
  • Assists the speaker in displaying the graphic result and performs a data analysis.

Conclusion of the Event

  • The PowerCom professional technician saves the results of your data and converts them into your desired format.
  • Generates data reports and submits them to you on your e-mail.