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Effective ads based on quick and timely advertising test results in an interactive environment!

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Advertising research is a kind of marketing research that most companies conduct to improve their advertising’s efficiency. From our observations and experiences, only about 50% of the advertisements or promotions for businesses actually work. You would ask yourself a few questions to test the ad’s effectiveness:

Does your organization generate excellent ads?

Do customers want excellent advertising?

Do you get timely and accurate reviews or feedback from consumers?


With PowerCom’s audience response system, you will have all the answers to all the questions mentioned above. As a world leader for audience response systems, our company’s promotion analysis creates successful results for your firm. We can help you design a successful advertising testing approach, and help you make an analysis designed to target specific and accurate results to make effective advertisements.   PowerCom has performed many advertising testings, and based on our experience, we have developed an efficient promotional development and strategies to monitor the advertisements’ efficiency. We have a reputation for performing work that aids our customers in understanding the factors that make a promotional strategy effective, and the reasons why some promotional offers weren’t deemed effective.

Benefits of PowerCom’s Advertising Testing Solution:

    • Professional voting questionnaires
    • Moment by moment emotional feedback displayed as line charts that cover all the angles of the ad
    • Ability to perform a demographic analysis
    • Input videos or display a live recording
    • Real time data display and recording
    • Different statistical reports that can be generated
    • Combine data based on the demographic analysis
    • Playback files for data analysis and review


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